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Dog care products and cat care products

Bubbles & Nature Tierpflegeprodukte

GogiPet® is especially concerned about the health of dogs, cats and the health of the pet groomer and provides with its Bubbles & Nature care series. With its Bubbles & Nature care series, GogiPet® provides dog and cat cosmetics on a natural basis without harmful chemicals.

Of course, our dog shampoo and cat shampoo are made without animal testing and have been tried and tested in leading dog salons for decades.

The GogiPet® Bubbles & Nature grooming range is designed for the professional groomer and the discerning home user.

  • Dog shampoo and cat shampoo

    GogiPet® dog shampoo and cat shampoo on a natural basis without harmful chemicals. The 10x concentrates are of course produced without animal testing and are very productive.

  • Supply and care products

    GogiPet® grooming and show products which are appreciated by groomers, breeders, vets, exhibitors and home users alike.

  • Perfume for dogs and cats

    GogiPet® enchants with the Bubbles & Nature pet fragrances with pleasant scents and coat-caring effect.

  • Bulk quantities for groomers

    GogiPet® as a strong partner for dog groomers, breeders, veterinarians and for the pet trade in bulk or multi-packs.

Natural dog shampoo

Bubbles & Nature dog care products and cat care products have been used by leading dog groomers for many years and prove that no harmful chemicals are necessary for efficient dog care. The GogiPet grooming range is therefore becoming increasingly popular for successful pet grooming. The GogiPet Bubbles & Nature care series is just as popular with show dogs who attend dog shows as it is with responsible dog lovers who care for their dogs in a healthy way at home.