Blades for dog clippers
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Blades for dog clippers

Blade for pet clippers

GogiPet blades for dog clippers
GogiPet blades for dog clippers Blades with and without titanium coating for the most common clipper systems

Blades for pet clippers

Most professional dog clippers, cat clippers and pet clippers use the Snap On (clip) blade system which can be quickly changed at the touch of a button.

The Clip also called A5 or Snap On blades are used by most reputable clipper manufacturers and are compatible with the GogiPet Horus dog clipper dog clipper.

Apart from that, there are blades that are specially designed for the clipper and which are not compatible with other clippers, this applies primarily to section clippers and paw clippers.

Which blades you need depends on the clipper you have, if you do not have already a clipper click on the different systems to find out more about the advantages and disadvantages.

Snap On Blades

  • Clip Blades

    Blades suitable for most dog clippers. From GogiPet also with titanium coating and ceramic blades for especially good gliding properties and less heat development.

Orate Blades

  • Orate blades

    Special blades for the GogiPet Orate High Speed dog clipper. Special clipper blades for the GogiPet Orate High Speed dog clipper. Blades in different lengths for pet clipping.

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