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Harnesses for dogs and cats

Harnesses for dogs

GogiPet Dog Harnesses
GogiPet Dog Harnesses Sophisticated dog harnesses

Harnesses for dogs.

GogiPet® dog harnesses made of leather, Swarovski dog chest harnesses, soft chest harnesses made of nylon or fabric. GogiPet® offers the right dog harness for every taste.

Whether for small dogs or large dogs, at GogiPet® you will find a suitable dog harness for every dog size. Harnesses for dogs promise a very pleasant wearing comfort and are a good alternative to dog collars. GogiPet® takes great care with its dog harnesses that the tensile force is distributed as evenly as possible over the whole dog's body and relieves the spine.
For large dogs, it is very important that the dog harness is extremely strong and yet comfortable to wear. GogiPet® guarantees this with both the leather harnesses and the soft harnesses. GogiPet® also takes comfort into consideration for large dogs and also provides a pleasantly soft lining for the leather harnesses of large dogs. Soft harnesses are usually reserved for small dogs, but don't worry GogiPet® doesn't let the big dogs down either, GogiPet also offers soft harnesses in XXL sizes. Since small dogs freeze more quickly, soft harnesses in waistcoat form are also very popular, as they also protect against draughts and provide a little warmth. There are no limits to the design of soft harnesses and they emphasise the character of your dog.

Leather Dog Harnesses

GogiPet real leather dog harnesses
GogiPet real leather dog harnesses Comfortable leather dog harnesses with soft lining

Genuine leather dog harnesses.

GogiPet® dog harnesses made of genuine leather are particularly high quality, durable and well made.
Whether for large or small dogs, GogiPet® ensures that all sizes of dog are comfortable to wear and either feeds the leather dog harnesses with a specially developed filling insert which is very abrasion-resistant and temperature-resistant and fits perfectly to the dog's body. However, if you want it to be completely natural, you can also choose a leather dog harness with an extremely soft leather lining, which also provides a very comfortable feel.
Thanks to the GogiPet quick-release buckles, even the leather chest harnesses can be put on and taken off quickly.

For more information about GogiPet genuine leather dog chest harnesses, please click:
GogiPet® Leather Harnesses for Dogs - Dog Harnesses.
here you can also buy the leather dog chest harnesses online.

Dog harnesses with Swarovski Crystals

Luxury Leather Dog Harnesses
Luxury Leather Dog Harnesses refined with Swarovski claw claws

Genuine leather dog harnesses with Swarovski crystals

GogiPet® dog harnesses with sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Impressive genuine leather dog harnesses with Swarovski crystals for the unique dog. GogiPet® dog harnesses are lovingly handcrafted made in Europe and fitted with genuine, certified Swarovski crystals. GogiPet® has been known for years for its excellent quality at reasonable prices for dog products and Swarovski crystals are very distinguished by their clarity and diverse cut facets. Depending on how the light falls on the luxury dog harness, the light is refracted and reflected back by the Swarovski crystals, creating unique sparkles and glitters.

These harnesses are spechial made for small dogs and puppies

For more information about these harnesses for small dogs and puppies, please click:
GogiPet® dog harnesses with Swarovski Crystals.
here you can also buy the Swarovski leather dog harnesses online.

Soft harnesses

Textile Dog Harnesses
Textile Dog Harnesses Soft dog harnesses for best wearing comfort

Textile dog harnesses.

offers a variety of soft harnesses for small dogs and for large dogs.
For small dogs and puppies, soft dog harnesses in waistcoat design are especially popular, as these soft dog harnesses are especially nice looking and warm the chest area at the same time. These types of soft dog harnesses offer endless design possibilities and are often available with colour-coordinated dog leashes.
Fabric and nylon dog harnesses are extra quick to put on and inexpensive to purchase. But all these dog harnesses have one thing in common, they are very light and comfortable to wear and can also be easily washed in the washing machine. GogiPet® also pays attention to large dogs and even offers soft dog harnesses in XL and XXL sizes.

For more information about GogiPet Soft dog harnesses, please click:
GogiPet® leather harnesses for dogs - dog harnesses here you can also buy the soft harnesses online.

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