Modern dog bags with many functions
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Dog bags, trolleys and pet stroller

Take your pet on the road with GogiPet® dog bags and dog trolleys.

There are many reasons to travel with your dog, cat or other pet. Most of the time it's the dog that's on the move, but most of our transport options are suitable for almost all smaller pets. GogiPet® offers bags, backpacks, trolleys and pet strollers whether you're taking your pet to the groomer, on holiday, to a trade fair or just out for a stroll in the city.
You can argue about taste, but not about quality and functionality, take a look around GogiPet® has something for every taste.

  • Dog carrier bags

    Dog carrier bags for dogs and other pets. Dog bags or dog carrier bags for every application. Dog bags for every taste with a wide range of functions for dogs, cats and other small animals.

  • Dog backpacks

    Dog backpacks for dogs and other pets. Dog rucksacks are very comfortable, fashionable and can also be used as dog carrier bags, both for the pet and for the owner.

  • Dog Trolleys

    Dog trolleys for dogs and other pets. Dog trolleys are very suitable for transporting single or several small pets. The dog trolleys can also be used as dog bags.

  • Dog buggies

    Strollers the buggies for dogs and other pets. Dog buggies are particularly suitable for transporting several small pets, but also for somewhat larger dogs that are no longer so good on their feet.

Pets safe on the road

The transport of pets should not only be chic, but also safe. Among the dog bags, dog backpacks and trolleys recommended by GogiPet, you will also find combinations of pet carriers and trolleys which are designed for fastening in the car by means of a safety belt. These dog carrier bags also serve as a car transport box for dogs and offer optimal safety.