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Dog grooming supplies and dog grooming tools

GogiPet pet care products

The GogiPet® pet care products were extensively tested and constantly improved in the international dog grooming school and in the in-house dog salon until they were worthy of bearing the name GogiPet®, because GogiPet® stands for mature, high-quality, field-tested and innovative quality. GogiPet® pays special attention to long and efficient work, because time is money for the dog groomer and also the private home user is very happy if the steps of pet grooming can be done quickly and easily.
GogiPet® dog grooming supplies and pet care and pet styling products recommended by GogiPet® stand for high quality with an excellent price-performance ratio.

  • Pet Clippers

    Dog and cat clippers with professional blades for professional pet clipping from GogiPet®. Clippers based on years of experience in the dog salon.

  • Blades

    Professional dog clippers, cat clippers and small animal clippers use blades that can be changed at the touch of a button and are compatible with numerous manufacturers.

  • Pet Brushes

    Brushing is essential for long-haired dogs and cats to prevent matting. Universal dog brushes and cat brushes are particularly common and the Multibrush optimises pet grooming.

  • Pet Combs

    Why do we need combs for dogs and cats? The right pet comb is especially important for dog and cat grooming to avoid tangles and knots and to remove them quickly.

  • Currycomb, Shedder, Undercoat Remover

    Why are short-haired dogs and cats groomed? What do short-haired dogs and cats have in common? That's right, they lose hair. With the shedder you can quickly solve this hairy problem.

  • Stripping Knives And Stripping Aids

    Plucking mature hair so that the hair that grows back has room to grow again is known as plucking. Stripping knives, stripping stones and stripping rods are used so that the hair layer can be easily grasped.

  • Disentangler And Untangler

    How do you efficiently de-matting dogs and cats? What are matts, what is the best way to get rid of tangles and prevent new matting? GogiPet® has the solution with de-matting tools, de-tanglers, mat cutters and helpful tips and tricks.

  • Rubber brushes

    GogiPet® pet rubber brushes with for efficient removal of loose hair, for shampooing, special shine, pleasant massage as a massage brush and for brushing sensitive dogs and cats.

  • Claw care products

    Claw nippers, claw scissors, claw files and pad care products for pet care. Why is claw trimming important for most dogs? GogiPet® offers you answers and professional products.

  • Hair scissors for dog grooming

    High-quality hair scissors made of Japan steel for especially long-lasting sharpness. Dog scissors for styling in straight, curved design, thinning scissors, modelling scissors and paw scissors.

  • Dog dryer

    GogiPet dog dryer for dog grooming A dog dryer differs from a hair dryer in that it dries with air pressure and not with heat. The blower is an essential item in the dog grooming salon.

  • Dog bath tubs

    Professional stainless steel bath tubs from GogiPet for dog groomers and breeders. Dog bathes are an essential part and belongs to the salon equipment of every dog groomer.

  • Grooming tables

    GogiPet Trimmtische oder auch Schertische genannt zeichnen sich durch ergonomisches Design, Stabilität und Wackelfreiheit aus. Elektrische Trimmtische und mobile Trimmtische für den Hundefriseur und Züchter.

  • Sterilisers

    UV steriliser to prevent the transmission of diseases, germs, bacteria and fungal spores. The steriliser is an absolute must in a well-kept dog salon and to be able to sterilise the grooming tools efficiently.

GogiPet dog grooming supplies and dog grooming tools enjoy particular popularity with both the dog groomer and the private pet groomer.