Stripping knives and trimming aids for dog grooming

Stripping knives and pluckling aids

GogiPet stripping knives and plucking aids

GogiPet stripping knives and stripping aids
GogiPet stripping knives and stripping aids Dog grooming tool for rough-haired and stick-haired dogs

What is stripping?
is the plucking of mature hair so that the hair that grows has room to grow again. Tools such as the stripping knive are used so that the mature hair layer can be easily grasped.

Why and which dogs are stipped?
It depends on the breed, dog breeds such as Spaniel, Setter, West Highland Terrier, Scottish Terrier Fox Terrier, Airedale Terrier, Norwich Terrier, Welsh Terrier, Griffon, Lakeland Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Border Terrier, Norfolk Terrier, Rough-coated Dachshunds, Schnauzers, Jack Russell Terriers, Parson Russels and rough-coated dog breeds or mixed breeds with double coats should be stripped to maintain coat texture and keep skin healthy.

Stripping is often confused with clipping, but one has nothing to do with the other, stipping dogs should generally not be clipped to prevent the coat structure from atrophying and to avoid skin problems. PROPER PLUCKIMG DOES NOT HURT!
However, if it's just a matter of your dog losing too much hair, please see currycombing, shedding and undercoat removal.

Stripping knives

Professional stripping knives
Professional stripping knives for hand dog stripping

A good stripping knive should be an extended thumb.

For dogs with undercoat such as West Highland Terrier, Schnauzer, Fox Terrier, Roughhaired Dachshund... this is first removed with the Coat Master. The now clearly visible hair length can now be plucked with the stripping knive. As a rule, only the longest layer of hair is grasped with the thumb and the blades of the stripping knife and plucked in the direction of growth.
There are stripping knives a dime a dozen, but basically 2 good stripping knives are sufficient, one with fine blades and one with coarse blades for fine or coarser fur. The stripping knives designed by GogiPet® are optimised for both the beginner and the advanced professional groomer. The thumb fits perfectly on the flat shaft and holds the hair to be plucked very well. The handle is covered with non-slip, skin-friendly rubber so that you can work for a long time without tiring and without pain.

For more information about the stripping knives, please click on:
GogiPet® stripping knives flat & fine for finer hair.
GogiPet® stripping knives flat & coarse for coarser hair
here you can also buy the stripping knives online.

Stripping Stone

Pumice stone
Pumice stone for easy stripping of dogs

The stripping stone for plucking large areas.

The stripping stone, brimstone or pumice stone is also popular for plucking large areas. Plucking with the stripping stone is a more natural way of stripping. The "original dog" with a coat to be stripped plucked out the hair himself by rubbing off the itchy hair on rough surfaces and bushes. Today's dogs, however, have much thicker coats and can no longer do this on their own, so they need our help. The stripping stone has a very rough surface and hair can be easily grabbed and pulled out with it. For large areas, the stripping stone is a good way to pluck the coat. For smaller areas and for precise stripping of the corresponding coat layer, the stripping knive is used.

For more information about the stripping stone, please click on:
GogiPet® stripping stone
here you can also buy trimming stones online.

Stripping sticks

Stripping rod
Stripping rod for stripping small and delicate areas

The stripping rod for plucking delicate small areas.

Stripping sticks
are very popular for stripping small delicate areas. With the wedge-shaped, rough surface, hairs to be plucked can be gripped very well and the rubber-covered, non-slip grip of the stripping stick is very comfortable for the groomer. Especially for small, fine detail work such as on the ears, the forehead, the eye area or the head in general, the stripping stick is the perfect plucking tool. The stripping stick also offers optimal assistance with the tail. GogiPet® offers slightly softer stripping sticks made of stripping stone and very durable stripping sticks made of stainless steel. Stripping stick and stripping rods are the same, they are just both common names).
For more information about stripping sticks, please click on:
GogiPet® Trim Stick 14 mm made of trim stone.
GogiPet® Double Stripping Stick 9 mm and 13 mm made of stainless steel
here you can also buy trimsticks online.

Ear powder for dogs and cats

Ear powder
Ear powder for cats and dogs

GogiPet Ear Powder is suitable for all dogs and cats.

The powder for the ears helps you to keep the ears of your dog or cat dry. Dry ears are important for our pets because a moist environment encourages the growth of bacteria. The ear powder soothes irritation and itchy ears. Ear odours will also be a thing of the past.
Ear powder also makes the hair more manageable and excess ear hair in the ear canal can be removed more easily. A blocked ear canal also promotes the formation of bacteria and leads to ear infections. The easiest way to remove the hair is to use ear forceps - ear tweezer or finger grips. (Do not cut, because cut hair can damage the eardrum). The more often you remove the ear hair, the easier it will be.

For more information about the Ear Powder, please click: GogiPet® ear powder for dogs and cats here you can also buy the ear cleaner online.

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