Efficient dog combs and cat combs
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Dog combs and cat combs

Dog combs and cat combs

GogiPet Pet combs
GogiPet Pet combs Dog combs and cat combs

Why do we need combs for dogs and cats?

The right pet comb is very important for dog and cat grooming to avoid tangles and knots or to remove them as quickly as possible. Tangles are bound dirt and must be combed out quickly. If this happens too late, a bath is essential to loosen and comb out the dirt = felt.
A dog comb is also necessary for a nice cut to bring the hair into the desired shape and last but not least the flea comb is used in case of parasite infestation.
You should take a short time every day to comb through the hair at least briefly.
If tangles have already formed, a detangler can also be used.
For the removal of undercoat and for the care of short-haired dogs and cats, please see currycomb, shedder and undercoat removal.

Handle combs for dog grooming and cat grooming

GogiPet Handle Combs
GogiPet Handle Combs Dog combs and cat combs

Dog combs and cat combs with soft handle.

GogiPet® handle combs are equipped with ergonomic handles and soft rubber slats so that you can work for a long time without fatigue and pain. The metal pins are rounded and have a glide coating so that the skin is pleasantly stimulated while combing and the teeth can glide easily through the fur. The design, developed by GogiPet® in Austria, makes the dog comb comfortable to hold even when you are working quickly with the back of the comb instead of the handle.
Depending on the type of coat, GogiPet® has produced 3 comb sizes for coarse, medium fine and fine hair as well as a moult comb with long and short teeth for dogs with undercoat or, as the name suggests, to remove the lower layer of hair during moulting.

For more information about the pet combs with handle, please click on the:
GogiPet® handle comb coarse with 16 teeth if you need a voluminous hair.
GogiPet® handle comb medium fine with 29 teeth if you want to remove small tangles
GogiPet® handle comb fine with 36 teeth if you want to straighten long hanging hair
GogiPet® handle comb with long and short teeth if you want to remove undercoat at the same time
here you can also buy the handle combs online.

Dog combs and cat combs

Detangling comb and dog grooming comb
Detangling comb and dog grooming comb The perfect combination for dog care and cat care

Dog grooming comb (Greyhound comb) and detangling comb.

has refined the classic dog grooming comb with rubber ridges on the back of the comb so that you can work free of pain and calluses for a long time. The dog comb and cat comb is equally appreciated for haircutting as well as for quick combing. The 50% division of coarse and fine teeth makes this dog comb suitable for all coat types.

The GogiPet® detangling comb is especially popular for detangling tangled hair. The rotating teeth and especially the sliding coating make the detangling comb glide through the hair more easily.
If coarser tangles have already formed, detanglers are used.

For more information about these dog combs and cat combs, please click on:
GogiPet® Dog Grooming Comb - Greyhound Comb - Coarse and Fine.
GogiPet® detangling comb with rotating teeth 18 cm
here you can also buy the pet combs online.

Face comb and flea comb

GogiPet Face and Flea Comb
GogiPet Face and Flea Comb Dog comb for head care and parasite removal

GogiPet face comb especially for working on the head and for removing parasites.

Developed by GogiPet® in Austria with experienced groomers, the pet comb with extra fine toothing and a 90 degree twisted handle is very suitable for the eye area, the facial area and for work on the head. The twisted handle offers particularly good visibility of the small areas and the rounded, glide-coated teeth glide well through the coat. Last but not least, the extra fine-toothed comb is also popular as a flea comb for removing fleas, nits and parasites.

For more information about the fine face comb and flea comb, please click:
GogiPet® Handle Comb Very Fine, Face Comb + Flea Comb.
here you can also buy the face comb online.

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