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GogiPet dematters and untanglers
GogiPet dematters and untanglers GogiPet dog grooming tool against mats, knots and tangled hair

How to efficiently remove mats and tangles from dogs and cats?

What are mats and tangles. Mats and tangles are bound dirt. And what helps when something is dirty? Washing it properly.
So, to start with, for professional de-tangling the dog bath is indispensable, but for smaller tangles, you can also use a detangle spray in between.
The type of detangling tool you use depends on the advanced stage of matting.

Disentangling hook

Disentangler for dog and cat hair

Professional detangling of tangled animal hair.

Longer animal hair tangles relatively easily, so when the brush and comb can no longer manage it, detangling hooks come into play. Let the blades of the detangling hooks glide through the hair and if they resist, apply gentle pressure in the direction of the hair's growth with gentle back and forth movements. With the help of the detangling spray, you can get through the hair more easily by spraying the hair with the detangling spray and letting it work for about 2 minutes. Repeat the process until you can easily comb through the hair with a dog comb. If the knots cannot be untangled, use a knot cutter to break them up.

For more information about detangling hooks, please click on:
GogiPet® detangling hooks with 11 shorter blades.
GogiPet® Detangling Hook with 12 longer blades
GogiPet® disentangling hook crosswise with 10 blades for large dogs
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Knot cutting knife - Knot cutter

Knot cutter
Knot cutter for knotted pet hair

Remove knots in the coat without unnecessarily damaging healthy hair.

If knots in the hair can no longer be combed out or untangled, they must be cut open. It is important to cut as little hair as necessary in order to destroy the coat as little as possible. Never use dog scissors for this, they would cut a lot of hair and inevitably damage the hair scissors. The GogiPet® Knot knife is designed to cut as little hair as possible, as its optimised shape only cuts the hair in the direction of growth and is safe to use. Hold your thumb and forefinger on the designated areas and pull the detangling knife through the knots. In order to develop the optimal shape for the knot cutter, GogiPet® has long studied the attitudes of numerous dog groomers to achieve the perfect knot cutter.

For more information about the knot cutter, please click on:
GogiPet® Professional knot cutter Professional mat splitter.
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Mat Breaker

Mat breaker
Mat breaker for removing felt mats when grooming pets

Remove mats.

If a coarser mats has already formed and mats need to be removed from the body, a mat breaker can be used. Here too, first bathe the dog and only then begin to remove the mats. Depending on how thick the mats are, first use a coarser mat braker and then a finer mat breaker. Then try to loosen the knots with the detangling hook until you can comb through the hair without any problems.

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Professional GogiPet® Mat Mreaker with 6 blades - Mat Breaker coarse.
Professional GogiPet® Mat Breaker with 10 blades - Mat Breaker fine
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Costmetic for matted hair

Defelting pet hair
Defelting pet hair it depends on the right cosmetics

You can only remove mats and tangles professionally with a properly bathed dog.

It depends on the right bath and the right coat care. The most efficient way is to bathe the dog with the long hair shampoo, then apply the hair mask which is best left in the hair for coarser felt. Ideally, use a dog dryer with a blower function (with a reduction nozzle) to loosen the mats and tagles as much as possible during the drying process. You can also spray knots with GogiPet® Magic Care to help loosen the mats and prevent new tangles
To prevent mats and tangles you should comb your dog or cat once a day, brush it several times a week, bath it twice a month and brush in the spray balm and de-felting spray in between. This way you will not give matted areas a chance.
If you have to work on matted dogs very often, it is also worthwhile to purchase the electric dog brush and de-felting machine.

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