Rainscoats for Dogs

Rainscoats, shoes and socks for dogs

Dog raincoats and dog shoes

Dog clothing for wet weather
Dog clothing for wet weather Dog raincodes, dog shoes, dog socks and co.

Dog mackintoshes, dog shoes, dog socks and co.

Even if your dog loves cool water in summer or is even a water rat, he is unlikely to enjoy walking in the rain. The problem for your dog is usually not the moisture, but most dogs hate it when something drips onto their fur. As soon as the dog raincoat is put on, walking is no longer a problem. You then also have the advantage that your dog doesn't run around the flat wet and get everything dirty.

Dog shoes protect your dog, especially in winter, from road salt which is very aggressive on the dog's paws and can really cauterise the skin. GogiPet has independently tested several models of dog shoes and dog boots for you and made the best models available via Onlinezoo.

Dog socks with non-slip soles can also provide protection in winter when worn under shoes on extremely cold days, but are primarily used to help dogs walk and stand up easily on slippery floors. The dog socks also protect against scratches on sensitive parquet floors, otherwise your visit to friends could quickly become embarrassing.

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