Harnesses for cats with cat leash

Cat collars and cat harnesses

GogiPet cat collars and harnesses
GogiPet cat collars and harnesses Cat collars and cat breast harnesses

Cat collars and cat harnesses.

In addition to the classic cat collars, GogiPet® also offers name collars for cats and harnesses for cats.
The classic cat collar is usually a stretchable collar which can be easily pulled over the head if your cat gets tangled up somewhere on the way. Mostly a cat bell is attached to protect birds from the hunting instinct of the cat.
GogiPet® also offers name collars for cats, on which you can for example attach the name of your cat or your telephone number with metal letters or rhinestone letters. On the one hand, these are excellent decorative collars, on the other hand, they offer the finder the possibility to notify you immediately if your pet has taken rice out.
With the GogiPet cat harnesses, you are safe with your cat on the way if it comes to an excursion.

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GogiPet Collars and Chest Harnesses for Dogs and Cats

GogiPet collars and harnesses in every price range and for every taste. GogiPet dog and cat collars & harnesses stand for extra high quality at a perfect price-performance ratio. From simple, lightweight nylon collars, to name collars, to Svarovski enhanced genuine leather collars, there is something for everyone. Click on the picture and you will see an overview of the comfortable collars and chest harnesses. >>>>>>>>>>>>>