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Auto Dog Brush - Automatic pet brush

Automatische Hundebürsten

DP Auto Dog Brush
DP Auto Dog Brush Automatische Hundebürste und Entfilzungsmaschine

DP Auto Dog Brush made in EU.

Not everything has to come from the Far East, as the DP Auto Dog Brush proves, as the only automatic pet brush and de-tangling machine that really works. Often copied and never equalled, the DP Auto Dog Brush has been used many times. We have also tested the DP Auto Dog Brush independently in comparison to other manufacturers in our dog salons. The DP Auto Dog Brush was the only dog brush that really works well and thoroughly brushes out dog hair. With a specially developed brush band, which is available separately, you can even easily remove coarse tangles. The DP Auto Dog Brush will not soon have any competitors, because all important parts and functions are patented, except for the DP Auto Dog Brush Petite. The Auto Dog Brush Petite is the new small automatic dog brush and de-furring machine which is in no way inferior to the large battery-operated Auto Dog Brush. The Auto Dog Brush Petite is operated directly with a mains cable, is smaller, lighter and quieter and is particularly suitable for smaller pets and, in contrast to its big sister DP Auto Dog Brush, is especially popular with home users.