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Heiniger clippers - with Swiss quality


Heiniger Dog and cat clippers

Heiniger clippers the Swiss quality products.

Heiniger pet clippers are known above all for their excellent quality and unbeatable speed. As you would expect from the Swiss, Heiniger is ahead of the game when it comes to shearing speed. The Heiniger clippers use the well known Clip clipper head system which is also known as A5 or Snap On blades. These blades are compatible with standard dog clippers from Wahl, Andis, Moser, Oster, Optimum, GogiPet and many other manufacturers. But Heiniger puts more power behind it, the extremely fast and durable motors shorten the clipping time enormously and the new Heiniger Opal clipper can even double the speed again with a new system. Heiniger has become known for its Saphir clippers, which have been used for years in renowned dog salons, by breeders and increasingly by private users. If you do not want to compromise on quality, then the clippers from Switzerland are exactly the right ones for you. In addition to dog clippers, Heiniger also offers sectional clippers and paw clippers which make fine work much easier.