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Vivog pet supplies and grooming supplies


Vivog Dog grooming equipment and supplies

Vivog is the renowned brand from France for dog groomers and pet supplies.

Vivog, based in France, has been developing dog grooming equipment, dog grooming supplies and pet supplies for many years. Vivog is represented by Onlinezoo. In the in-house quality control and in the in-house dog grooming salon, the products offered by Vivog are additionally and independently tested. Vivog dog grooming supplies that pass these quality controls are also included in the range for the German market. Vivog sells several own house brands and brands such as Optimum, TerraBeaute, Pink Lilly, Aesculap, Bamboo which are also available at Onlinezoo. Vivog has changed ownership several times in recent years, but due to the constancy of Onlinezoo, this has had no effect on the German-speaking market through Vivog Austria and Vivog Germany Onlinezoo has continued to look after the concerns of retailers and customers throughout. But Vivog not only offers dog grooming supplies and dog salon equipment, but also dog toys, cat toys and hygiene articles as well as other pet accessories are a fixed component.